Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Gypsum mantels non-combustible?
A. Yes Gypsum cement mantels are non-combustible.

Q. Are Gypsum mantels made to fit my firebox opening?
A. Gypsum mantels come in standard sizes but some may be cut while others utilize filler panels to fit most any firebox openings?

Q. Can I use a Gypsum mantel on any type of fireplace?
A. Yes Gypsum Cement mantels may be utilized on any type fireplace.

Q. How do I clean a Gypsum mantel?
A. Utilize a cloth dipped in warm soap and water. Squeeze excess water from the rag to
wipe down the mantel. For difficult stains Gypsum Cement mantels can be restored using
original paint color.

Q. Can a homeowner install a Gypsum mantel?
A. Yes Installing a Gypsum mantel requires no special skills and install instructions are
included in the packaging.

Q. Are there any special tools required to install a Gypsum mantel?
A. Measuring tape, power drill, level and fine tooth hand saw are the only tools needed.

Q. Can a Gypsum mantel be used outside?
A. Gypsum mantels are for interior use.

Q. Does a Gypsum mantel have to meet any code restrictions for combustible
materials during installation?
A. No. Gypsum Cement mantels have been tested and met requirements set by ASTM
136 for a non-combustible material.

Q. Why do I need filler panels?
A. Filler panels fill the space between the firebox and the surround when the mantel
opening is larger than the firebox opening.

Q. How do you cut this material?
A. Gypsum cement may be easily cut using a fine tooth hand saw.

Q. Is the material smooth or rough?
A. Gypsum Mantel have a texture that replicates weathered travertine stone.

Q. Does a Gypsum mantel require finishing?
A. We recommend you seal, paint or stain Gypsum cement mantels.

Q. How does the weight compare with traditional stone?
A. Gypsum cast stone provides you with the look of stone while weighing only a fraction
of a comparable size stone mantel. The Kinsington which is our largest, weighs around
150 pounds which includes the breastplate and legs. A stone mantel this size could easily
weigh several thousand pounds. The lighter weight facilitates installation significantly
reducing installation cost and eliminating concerns over structural support.

Q. If a Gypsum mantel is chipped or cracked do you have a repair kit?
A. Yes Gypsum cement mantels may be easily repaired using standard drywall joint

Q. Can I use a Gypsum mantel on any type of fireplace?
A. Gypsum cement mantels sould be primed/painted to avoid discoloring.

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